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MAXIMUS VI EXTREME real time tuning and monitoring system to arouse the player endless possibilities MAXIMUS VI EXTREME Overclocking at Intel Corsair Extreme motherboard overclocking competition in the 11 race undertakings won 10 titles. MAXIMUS VI EXTREME annexed to real time tuning and tracking system OC Panel, two-stage one-button overclocking features allow players to appreciate the straightforward immediate system functionality, and for extreme overclockers, gamers can live through the machine body adjustment essential relevance parameters, providing the most innovative extreme overclocking tool. Press conference scene, another more overclocking champ Andre correct CPU frequency through the OC Panel create to 6.8GHz ultra-high-degree record. POSEIDON double hybrid vehicle cooling graphics magic weapon beyond expectations The introduction of the first exposure POSEIDON double hybrid cooling graphics cards, using the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 series graphics chip, its air cooled, water-cooled double cooling system design can significantly reduce the temperature up to 31 C. Concurrently with the ASUS exclusive CoolTech cooling technology, combined axial fan and blower fan designed to provide powerful cooling functionality, all round increase in overclocking and functionality. Sonic Radar Video Audio Player Audio sensations locating radar subversion ASUS ROG ROG summer of 2013 for sound cards, motherboards and many other products to supply exclusive video sound initiated by Sonic Radar locating radar, the game audio into 7.1 station radar chart, precise judgments enemy position. Players can also use improved mode exclusive lock on the radar display particular sound, such as: gunshots, footsteps, etc., without directly face the enemy, the enemy can accurately buy cheap software control the global dynamics and games to enhance combat effectiveness. The new gaming desktop computers, notebook computers deliver the greatest gaming experience ASUS ROG TYTAN G30 gaming desktop computer, equipped with fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4770K central processing unit, built-in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 graphics card, bringing gamers the greatest smooth gaming experience, while chassis cooling with intelligent design, combined with the CPU cooling cooling technology to provide efficient, quiet cooling system functionality, Turbo Gear exclusive design, without restarting, a key immediately improve CPU functionality, gamers the best desktop computers.

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ASUS N550JA Battery Share the Universe with ROG G Series G750-known extreme gaming laptop, with a backlit keyboard, and large independent Fangxiang Qun key multi-touch panel, providing a more comfortable user experience, powered by a strong fourth generation Intel Core i7-4700HQ processor, built-in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700M series graphics card, virtually become honorary temple protection, regardless of games, photographs or films, can experience the unprecedented ultra-realistic 3D Full HD feast, while G750 Built-in headphone amplifier for the very first time, to avert two ear mutual interference, enabling the player to appreciate a more advanced audio experience extensive, easily ranks among the global strategy game real protagonist. TYTAN G30 and G750 are assembled ASUS exclusive SonicMaster audio technology, can significantly improve the game’s sound operation and degree of detail, including ROG AudioWizard sound tuning tool has five modes, players can user-friendly interface for different game types, Easily adjust a variety of sounds, to ensure that players have the best audio experience. Full range of heavyweight ROG products all in 2013 COMPUTEX ROG Orion games, computer gaming headset double-use version supports Xbox 360, PlayStation3, using the built-in headphone amplifier with substantial size 50mm magnet drivers deliver exceptional clarity, thunderous bass with low distortion, equipped ENC voice surroundings noise reduction technology, can effectively remove 50% of surrounding noise, letting the player and his teammates call clarity, precision ordered, 100mm complete wrap big ear earphones designed to not only provide excellent comfort, but also effectively blocking ambient sound up to 30 dB, allowing Players focused on the battlefield, to get copies too. ASUS N550JV Battery ROG Armor axis mechanical computer keyboard with the top button, equipped with multimedia function keys with USB3.0 interface, can support headset, mouse and other peripherals game equipment, multiple sets of customizable keyboard shortcuts, and the initial layout of the phone, tablet computer platforms, can be arbitrary, infinite extension users joyful encounter, intimate backlight layout enables players can still appreciate low light environments wander, immersed in the exciting game world, and humane wrist placement design works for long use, help players win the victory, becoming the virtual online game Ever Victorious Army. ROG Nomad backpack has a gaming notebook for gamers designed to adapt 17-inch notebook and provides a carrying encounter that is more comfortable and convenient. Outdoor waterproof and durable ballistic nylon fibers can not be ineffective against bad weather, an unique multi level hanging hook headphones designed to allow players more game peripherals storage and inside the tote gear, and to ensure that laptops and other accessories can be protected. V- ergonomic back pad that is breathable afterward let players keep cool when in action, called classic accessories will be bought by the players. ASUS design team to create the distinctive ROG ROG total variety of products and continue to give gamers and enthusiasts success absolute advantage.

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Business-leading design and advanced features exclusive All three new ROG ROG motherboards ASUS ROG team embodies the advantages of R & D and innovation. Whether PCB circuit layout, or new ROG UEFI BIOS, expect in order to bring the most intuitive ease of use of the product to players. The new motherboards are manufactured from innovative components for extreme and the most demanding games overclockers to supply a stable and more lasting operation platform. All-digital DIGI + III engine technology, with 60A wing inductance, 10K black golden capacitor and more efficient NexFET MOSFET (efficiency 90%), ensure that the cpu and memory ultra-precise and stable power supply output signal. ASUS TAICHI 31 Battery Second-generation T-Topology Specialized Branch safeguard the memory frequency at full load optimization, ROG UEFI BIOS offers SSD Solid State Drive Secure Erase functionality, simple information deletion SSD performance taking into account the steady and lasting. This motherboard also comes with three virtual disk RAMDisk memory technology, which could have more than 10000 MB / s data transfer rate compared to SSD update 20 times quicker speed increase while memory usage rate rose to 80%. ROG ROG MAXIMUS VI EXTREME Overclocking OC motherboard health and panel performance ROG ROG MAXIMUS VI EXTREME motherboard it has been proven to support CPU frequency over 7GHz, memory close. The motherboard provides extensive scalability, ATX board layout that is big to allow it to be simple to support AMD CrossFireX multi and Quad NVIDIA SLI -graphics technology.

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ROG ROG MAXIMUS VI EXTREME motherboard overclocking panel OC with advanced, real-time monitoring and control of tuning that is overclocking. Can be used both inside and outside (5.25-inch bays spot). As OC OC OC when tuning panel has a 2.6-inch screen, displays the CPU frequency, temperature, clock, and fan speed and other advice. Additionally supplies a key CPU upgrade and fan speed control. When installed in the chassis as a stand-alone system adjustment apparatus, OC overclocking panel provides a more professional overclocking and voltage choices. It incorporates ROG ROG Exclusive Subzero Sense VGA Hotwire and quite low temperature detection voltage technology hard to shift images technology, the temperature of liquid nitrogen overclocking environment under voltage detection and graphics transformation, slow manner and pause switch provides suitable and more flexible. All settings are easily controlled via the buttons to fix the real-time loading applications.

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mPCIe Combo multifunction expansion card totally updated without taking PCI Express slots, support for 802.11ac latest Bluetooth 4.0 wireless protocols and standards, while M.2 Series (NGFF) to support the next generation of ultra-thin solid state drives new standards. ROG ROG MAXIMUS VI GENE gaming and overclocking functionality is exceptional microATX motherboard ROG ROG MAXIMUS VI GENE is a streamlined, high-performance motherboard. It incorporates lots of exclusive ROG technologies, including mPCIe Combo II multifunction expansion card (not contained WIFI / Bluetooth module). Distinct game sound effects can be detected by Sonic Radar exact audio positioning function and track their location information. Providing top-notch gaming audio SupremeFX audio shielding against interference technology, advanced professional audio capacitors ELNA plus incorporated operational amplifier, audio output signal to noise ratio reaches 115dB, produces the most realistic sound reproduction and music experience and an immersive film. ROG ROG MAXIMUS VI GENE motherboard features Intel Gigabit LAN and ROG GameFirst II sensible direction of network bandwidth for multiplayer games provide a more optimum network performance, lower latency and CPU utilization. ASUS N550J Battery ROG ROG MAXIMUS VI HERO Motherboard: Game Daren best pick ROG ROG MAXIMUS VI HERO is a position in the game up to individuals specifically designed ATX board it supplies functions are game for us. Sonic Radar sound localization SupremeFX exceptional game audio, Intel Gigabit Ethernet and GameFirst II network bandwidth and intelligent management management features ROG reddish and black ancestry. MAXIMUS VI HERO chiefly for gaming bunch, Through Which motherboard ASUS expectancies for gamers to create the most ideal for their board platform.

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